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How-to ‘How-to’: Tips on creating educational vlogs

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Video Blogs, more famously known as ‘Vlogs’, have gotten increasingly popular since its initiation in the early 2000s. It has even climbed its way up to becoming the 2nd most sought after career by kids!

So why are vlogs so popular? Our guess? Vlogs allow people to express themselves freely and allow them to share their talent and knowledge with the rest of the world. Be it music, travel or the world of fashion and beauty, there is a category of vlogs for every vlogger and viewer to enjoy. There’s no limit to what you can create with your vlogs, you’d be surprised at how many people look forward to watching a vlog of just a simple day in your life.

Now that you know the basics of vlogging, let us introduce you to the gem that is ‘Educational Vlogs’. No one knows everything there is to know in the world, there’s always something you can learn or teach. In this day and age, knowledge is just a google search away, you can learn just about anything online, and what better way to teach than through video? Vlogs give a more personal feel to the lesson being taught, it’s more relatable and believable to see a fellow human explain something that you don’t understand. Educational or ‘How-to’ Vlogs are one of the most popular types of Vlogs, with 91% of people using smartphones watching how-to videos before executing a task. This can range anywhere from ‘how-to peel a banana’ to ‘how-to-fix your car’, so if there’s anything you would like to shed some light on, there’s definitely someone out there waiting to learn it!

If you’re going to start creating educational vlogs, here are a few tips from us you can follow to grab your viewers attention.

1. Less robot, more human

Make sure to empathize. Be sincere with your audience and the situation they’re facing. You are currently the ‘chosen one’, the one with all knowledge, on well...how to peel a banana. Communicate your information in a way they feel welcome and comfortable with learning from you. Try being relatable by mentioning similar scenarios that you've faced, that reassures them that they’re not alone in needing to learn. It would be an added bonus to include humor to make the video more memorable and enjoyable. Pro tip: try not read directly off a script, it would tend to come off as more robot than human.

2. Teach it, don’t preach it

Keep it short, clear and precise. People’s attention spans are shrinking by the second. Yes, they want to learn and they came to learn but they’re often too impatient to spend even 20 minutes to figure it out. Most viewers are more likely to stick to shorter videos. It would be useful to be prepared on what needs to be addressed so that you don’t waste time or go off-topic (stick to how to peel a banana, stay away from the apples!). Getting the necessary information to the viewer in a short time is challenging but it can be done. Pro tip: time-lapses are a great way to speed time up in parts that are repetitive or slow.

3. Aim to impact

Be prepared with how you explain and give out the information, you want to make sure that it’s not only understood but that you also make an impact. Aim to not only teach them how to peel a banana but inspire them to go forth and make a banana smoothie! That way you can stand out from all the other how-to peel a banana videos out there. Pro tip: make use of tip #01 to help you do this.

4. Consider your audio

Your viewer should not have to figure out 'how-to' hear you while watching your 'how-to' vlog. Make sure there is no background noise overpowering your voice and that your mic works well. When editing, the background music should be kept at a minimum as well. Pro tip: testing your audio beforehand might be a lifesaver.

5. Avoid jargon

Keep the script simple. Even though using big, technical words may make you sound smarter and more ‘professional’, the viewer is attempting to learn how to do something, an added confusion would be a disadvantage. Avoid saying ‘how-to peel a Musa acuminata’ (no one knows the scientific name for bananas, even we had to google it!) Pro tip: dumb down the explanations and write them down.

6. Use the camera in your pocket!

Don’t stress on equipment, you don't have to buy expensive equipment to start out. Smartphones at present are ideal to start off your content creation. The camera that allows you to shoot high-quality videos is always with you, right in your pocket. Pro tip: take advantage of free editing software like Wibble that allows you to capture, edit and upload straight from your phone.

There you have it! Our tips on polishing up your educational/how-to vlogs.

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