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How-to vlog your boring life

Now that we understand that Vlogs (Video logs) have evolved over the years to become somewhat of a spectacular tool in capturing your adventures, talents and sharing your knowledge with the world. Let’s take a look at how to begin vlogging if your life is, well, just plain boring. If you feel like you have nothing to vlog about, we have news for you! Everyone has something to vlog about, you just need to learn how to express yourself. BTW we don’t think you're boring. We believe each of us has a story to tell so without further ado, we give you how-to vlog your boring life 101!

1. Be a storyteller

You’re the main character in your life and your vlogs are simply capturing your story. This is your movie and you get to decide the plot! If you want your movie to be of you enjoying your bowl of Fruit Loops, that’s exactly what the movie will be about. As long as you believe you’re the main character a movie about a "cereal killer" would be just as intriguing as one of a serial killer, so go ahead!

2. Build a relationship

Your viewers will stand with you through your most “boring” days. If you work towards forming an unbreakable bond, they will definitely cheer you on, even when you’re just eating your Fruit Loops. For this, you need to become a part of your viewer’s lives and maybe even a part of their daily routine. This can be done by forming a family within your subscribers, most Vloggers do this by naming this family, for example, PewDiePie’s YouTube fam is called ‘The Bro Army or Bros’. This way viewers know and feel like they are a part of something special.


3. Embrace your quirks

Everyone has a unique perspective of the world, don’t be afraid of sharing this. Show Off your ideas and talents no matter how strange you may think it is. There are definitely people out there who would be intrigued and even agree with your perspective. And what better way to find people just like you than sharing it through a vlog? If you want to pour the milk in the bowl before the Fruit Loops, you do you boo (but don’t come at us for all the hate comments :P ) embrace your quirks and find others like you who pour their milk before the cereal.

4. Let your passion guide you

You appear more interesting if you’re actually interested in what you explain. Don’t talk about something just because it’s trending and everyone seems to like it. If you have no interest in the subject, it will show. Choose a topic or theme for your vlogs based on your passions and what interests you. This way even if you talk about your daily cereal adventures, if it’s with passion, it would naturally reflect on the quality of your vlogs and your viewers would find it more interesting.

5. Spice things up

No, this doesn’t mean add spices to your cereal! But take advantage of every opportunity to try out new things. Maybe change things up from Fruit Loops to Cinnamon Toast Crunch one day. It could be scary at first to go out of your comfort zone but you never know, you might even find yourself enjoying these new experiences. It would also be more exciting to your viewers to see you try new things which could inspire them as well. If you’re confused on how to expand your horizons, get inspiration by watching what other creators do (but never be a copycat!) and always keep Tip 4 in mind when choosing something new.

6. A little less “Uhm

So uhmmm how uhmmm would you uhmmm do this? Well, it would have saved you way less time to read that without the ‘uhm’s’ right? Much like how viewers might not have the patience to listen to you speaking if you have too many pauses in your vlog. We suggest you film in short clips to help you remember and have a better flow for your vlog or have some points ready that have you more prepared. Although a few pauses are natural it doesn’t hurt to have a better flow. Features like the ‘Magic Cut’ in vlogging apps like Wibble could also help cut down those inevitable pauses.

7. Add some magic with your editor

Proper use of transitions, sound effects and music can go a long way to help make your vlog more interesting. If you ever feel like the content of a vlog is not interesting enough, don’t worry it happens to the best of us. Just sprinkle some magic with a good editor, for example, if you feel like your vlog is unfunny just add some exaggerated sound effects to try and lighten the mood.

Now go forth and spread the boringness, you’ll be surprised at how fascinating you really are!

For the record, we love Octopus food and we pour the milk after…

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